Pantry Jars Stickers


Pantry Jars Stickers Kitchen Vinyl Labels Home Decals Set Breakfast Labels Organise Home and Cupboard Containers 30x Decals Bundle

30 pantry Breakfast Labels
(01 of each)

* Cereal, Oats,  Coffee, Sugar, Bronw Sugar, Tea, Green Tea, Treats, Sugar, Snacks, Marshmallows, Porridge, Brown Sugar, Nuts, Hot Choc, Biscuits, Cocoa, Gluten Free, Cookies,  Chia Seeds, Sweetener, Muffins, Granola, Crumpets, Porridge, Honey, Marshmallow, Sweeties, Coffee pods, Muesli, Infusion Tea and Pantry.

Sizes: Each label is roughly 3″ by 1.7″ inches in Height the length dependent on the length of the name.

Finish: Gloss

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The Pantry Stickers Labels are perfect for an organisation. It keeps cupboards looking tidy.

Have an incredibly organised home. Use This Labels up fridge and jars

Stickers for Container in Kitchen & Home Organisation. Organised everything from pasta to spices and beauty products in glass jars and bottles throughout your home, all neatly labelled for a uniform and super-tidy aesthetic.

Labels up fridge and jars. Labels kitchen stickers will make the space in your kitchen cupboards looks tidy.

From dog food and bin bags to tea and coffee, labels for water bottles, everything in her pantry in glass jars which are then categorised using her sister’s cursive sticky labels.

These are water-resistant but not suitable for dishwashing.

*** Decoration and Jars are not included in this listing. they are only decoration.

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Twin sisters Gisele and Gislaine, we believe that in simple detail we can create Special Memories for our customers.

Della Bella is a small UK based online family business established in 2014. We are driven by a passion to design, produce and deliver creative customised stickers and vinyl decals, supplying the highest quality materials and goods from our ever expanding product portfolio.

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