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Never lose your charger again! Get ready for your Christmas Stocking fillers list.

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Christmas Stocking Fillers Customised Eve Box Ideas Xmas Women Teens Kids Children Dad Charger Sticker Delivered Rainbow Present Gift Card
Never lose your charger again! Get ready for your Christmas present list. These phone plug charger stickers are perfect ideas for Christmas presents.

Stickers Shapes :
Triangle Sticker (Fits iPhone chargers)
Square sticker (Fits iPhone chargers)


✔️ The Individual Set Includes:

1 x Personalised Sticker for the Top of the Charger
1 x Strip Sticker for the Plug
1 x Strip Sticker for the Cable
1 x Gift Card
1 x Envelope

✨ Never Lose Another Plug Charger ✨
Tired of constantly losing your iPhone charger or getting into arguments about who took it? Say goodbye to charger chaos and welcome the perfect solution – iPhone Charger Stickers! Our innovative stickers are designed to keep your plug organised and easily identifiable, ensuring you never lose it again. With our iPhone Charger Stickers, you can bid farewell to the frustration of misplaced chargers. Keep your plug secure and always at hand when you need it.

✨Christmas stocking fillers ✨
Get ready for your Christmas Gifts present list. These watch plug chargers stickers are perfect ideas for Christmas gifts and Stocking Fillers. You can choose from so many designs: Polka dots, Rainbow, Confettis, and Gnome. These are perfect for Christmas Eve box fillers for kids and girls. For stocking fillers for men and presents for men who have everything, “Hands Off,” “Dad,” and “Granny” are good choices. For stocking fillers for Women, Mum, Granny, and Girlfriends, we have the Dalmatian, You Are Beautiful and Leopard Print designs. Please have a look at our store.

✨End Arguments✨
No more heated debates about who took the charger. Each plug and cable can be easily identified with our stickers, putting an end to charger related conflicts

✨Perfect for Holidays & Travel Cable Organiser✨
Going on a vacation? Taking our charger accessories stickers with you is a no-brainer. Stay organized and worry-free during your holiday with your neatly identified charger.  is a great idea for Christmas stocking fillers and gifts. Stocking fillers for teens, kids, mum and dad, friends, family, sisters and perfect for a Secret Santa.

✨ Ideal for Office Use & Labels Cable Organiser✨
In a busy office environment, chargers and cables can easily get mixed up. Avoid confusion and maintain order by labelling your charger with our stickers.

✨ Great for Family Reunions✨
Family gatherings often involve multiple devices and chargers. Keep track of your charger amidst the chaos and enjoy a stress-free reunion.

✨Customized Phone Personalised Sticker ✨
Express your style and personality with our Phone Personalised Sticker. Protect your accessory phone while showcasing your unique design.

✨Easy Cable Identification✨
The included Self-Adhesive Wire Labels help you identify each cable, making setup and use a breeze. Keep your cables and electronic accessories neat and tidy with our versatile iPhone plug Stickers. No more wasting time trying to find your plug.

✨Easy to Apply and Remove ✨
The stickers are designed for effortless application and removal, leaving no residue on your charger

✨Christmas Eve Box Fillers & Gifts For All Occasions✨
Our iPhone Stickers make ideal Stocking Fillers & christmas eve box fillers and Perfect Gifts for Dad, Mum, Friends, Home Presents, Women, Men, Kids, and Families. Delivered with a Rainbow Gift Card for a delightful surprise.

We are Della Bella the twin sisters. We believe that in simple detail we can create special memories. At Della Bella, we take pride in being a UK business. Each iPhone Christmas Stocking Fillers Sticker is meticulously crafted in the UK with care, dedication, and a passion.

This is a great idea for Christmas gifts and stocking fillers. A gift for Mum and Dad, friends, family, and sisters and perfect for a Secret Santa.

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Thank you & we wish you all a beautiful Christmas 🎄✨
Gisele & Gislaine 👭🏻
Della Bella

Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 16 × 2 × 22 cm

Square, Triangle


Adults Only!!!, Bloody Hell, Drop The Mic, Get Lit, Hands Off, Hands Off Mum's Charger, How Are You?, Miss U, No Way, Oh Snap!, OMG, Shhh, Teacher In Charger, Thanks!, What's Up