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Stocking Fillers Motivational Positive Inspirational Quotes Stickers Aesthetic Retro Lettering Boho Style Gifts Girls Kids Woman
Positive stickers & motivational quotes are great for keeping positive thinking in your kids. The inspirational stickers are perfect for stocking fillers and gifts for girls, boys, kids women and friends.

20 stickers

Happy 2023
Be kind to your mind
You are enough
Treat people with kindness
Merry Bright
Do what makes you happy
It’s okay to not be okay
Make yourself a priority
Going to Therapy is cool
Mental health matters
Life is tough but so are you
You are stronger than you think
Be the change
Remember that you are amazing
Make yourself a priority
One day at a time
Stars can’t shine without darkness
Don’t be so hard on yourself
Stop doubting yourself

Sizes of each sticker:
Variety from 4x 4cm to 7c x 7cm each sticker

Boho colours

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